So the girls are now a day old but it feels like they were born forever ago! Both just missed out on making it to 27 weeks in the womb (26 weeks and 6 days).

Hannah Rose was born at 2:23pm on the 16/03/16 weighing 1145 grams, 35cm long, head circumference 25cm.

  • Hannah was intubated but pulled it out within an hour or so and has since been on a Cpap (breathing support thingy on her nose)
  • Brain scan this morning showed no problems or bleeding
  • Hannah came out looking good and her cord was cut a little later which means she got a bit more blood in her. This means she is now under a blue light to help the blood cells break down (jaundice, as well as a bruise she got during delivery).


Elizabeth Rose was born at 2:25pm (same day!) weighing 695 grams, 32cm long, head circumference 22.5cm.

  • Ellie was also intubated but stayed on it for longer. She was also changed to a NAVA which is a cross between intubated and Cpap but we have just been told she will most likely have to take a step back to being intubated tonight.
  • Ellie is on a higher level of oxygen (40%) to support her a little more
  • Brain scan this morning showed no problems or bleeding
  • Ellie’s cord was cut quickly as she was rushed away meaning she doesn’t get the special blue light yet. She also was silent but has managed a few cries since then.


Both girls are currently in full humidicribs and have a 1-1 nurse ratio 24 hours a day. They are both able to take colostrum fed through a tube. They have both received sugar and caffeine through intravenous lines to stimulate energy and breathing.



One thought on “Day 1

  1. Hi Deb and Matt. Thank you so much for including me in your blog. Keeping you in prayer – you are both going through so much. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you in any area. Much love and admiration to such a beautiful and inspirational family.


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