Support and Prayer

One of the things we want to be able to tell the girls about when they grow up is the huge amount of people that have rallied around our whole family and supported, prayed and held us up during this time. Collating this list is an overwhelming task in our current state so we will need your help to update it as we recall the hundreds of people that we are so appreciative of at this moment. If there is not a group listed that represents you or you think of something we have forgotten please let us know.

  • St John Bosco Parish Community (the wider parish and specifically below)
    • Holy Spirit Prayer Group, Engadine
    • Holy Spirit Morning Prayer Group, Heathcote
    • Antioch, Connect, SENT and Awaken youth groups
    • Playgroup Mums
    • Family Groups
  • Salesian Sisters (Pacific Region)
  • Shirelive Church
  • Connect Church, Engadine
  • Family – both immediate and extended
  • Friends and loved ones
  • CYS and YFactor camp coordinators
  • St John Bosco Primary School
  • St John Bosco College
  • Sisterhood Team
  • Aglow Australia Prayer Chain
  • Staff at Notre Dame Shepparton
  • Lenten Group (Shepparton)
  • St Brendon’s Students Shepparton
  • Toronto Parish (morning liturgy)
  • Disciples of Jesus Communities (Wollongong and Sydney South)
  • Cousin Classes at Inaburra School
  • Missionaries of God’s Love Sisters in Canberra
  • CCD Sydney
  • Catechists
    • Catechists Engadine
    • Scripture teachers at Heathcote Public
    • Intermediate Course Rockdale
  • The National Council of Churches in Australia
    • National Ecumenical Office
    • NSW Ecumenical Office
  • Candle Procession at Lourdes
  • Narwee Baptist prayer team
  • South American Catholic prayer community in Sydney
  • Staff at De La Salle Cronulla

9 thoughts on “Support and Prayer

  1. Hi Deb and Matt, I’m praying & I will ask others in Disciples of Jesus Wollongong to intercede too. Your girls are so beautiful. love and prayers, Christy Honeysett


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