But I wanted boys!

Nate has been very busy with becoming a school kid this year and the pregnancy with the twins has not been a major item on his radar. When we rang the boys to tell them the news the conversation went as follows.

Matt – Nate, guess what?

Nate – What?

Matt – Your prayer came true (Nate had prayed for the babies to hurry up and come so he could meet them).

Nate – What prayer?

Matt – The babies came today, remember you prayed for that last night

Nate – Oh, are they boys or girls?

Matt – They are girls, you have two baby sisters

Nate – But I wanted boys….

Matt – Well, maybe you should have prayed for that last night as well

Nate – ….Can’t we just swap them for boys?


Needless to say Nate has hardly been affected this week, and was quite disappointed that his run of sleepovers with the grandparents had finished when I came home on Friday.


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