A Forgotten Language

On Wednesday morning, a friend who had been praying for our situation, sent the above picture to share with us. At the time it didn’t make much sense as we were expecting Deb to come home the next day and have at least a few more weeks until the babies came. When I received a call at 11am to come in urgently to the hospital, this verse and many other words people had shared with me suddenly became a huge comfort as I drove to Randwick.


In our secular world there is a universal language among most of the people that I have met that there are some things that are beyond the every day experience. Everyone says it a little differently – ‘It was meant to be’ – ‘magic happens’ – ‘that’s karma for you’, but they all point towards something outside of our understanding.

Many in a faith environment however are hesitant to mention or believe in signs and communication from God, probably due to being in a world that laughs at the concept of an interventionist God. On the occasions that I have been able to put myself aside and listen for God’s voice it has always spoken to me in a powerful way. We are so grateful for the many prayers that have held us during this week and will continue to hold us in the weeks to come.



2 thoughts on “A Forgotten Language

  1. Hi matty, is it a coincidence? I dont think so. When i fell last week and ended up in hospital with many broken bones i quoted the exact same verse from Romans to all my friends, whether they were faith people or not. I seized the opportunity to share my faith in god with all those i had contact with. I pray that i have inspired them to look closer at what the bible has to offer for everyday living. Cant wait to meet the girls. You are allin our prayers.


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