Day 2

The girls did okay overnight. Ellie had several episodes of apnoea which was concerning enough to intubate her again (this time through the mouth). She has also been put on antibiotics just in case her breathing difficulties are related to an infection. The antibiotics are expected to be stopped on Sunday morning when the blood tests come back to confirm there isn’t an infection, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

I was there for the handover this morning where 8 doctors crowded around both the girls for about 10 minutes each while they discussed the best plan of care from here onward. The girls certainly are in the best care here at Randwick.

Ellie Day 2

Ellie Day 2



3 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Thank you for the update Matt. I’m sorry Ellie had to be intubated again. On the upside, she will use less energy, which helps her grow. I hope you’re all doing ok and that Deb is up and moving as best as can be expected. Love Danielle, David, Eva and Sam


  2. Hi Matt, Deb & Boys,
    Firstly a very big Congratulations to you all, additional family members to love.

    I’m sure it must be hard to Celebrate the Miracle of your girls & being parents again, mostly focussing on their health.
    Our prayers are with you all, and all will be well with Hannah & Ellie.

    Terence, Alison & Girls (Grant)


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