We had decided early on that we would not find out the gender of the twins to add an element of surprise to the pregnancy. We even hoped to surprise some people with the fact there were two bubs, but that was cut short when the complications started at week 10.

Deb had constantly been referring to the bubs as boys (what she was used to) and on several occasions read into the comments of the doctors and thought they had also pointed towards a male gender. To top it off, when we had our fancy blood test that tells you everything about the bubs she couldn’t help but peek at the doctors notes and thought she saw an XY marked on the sheet.

Needless to say we were fairly confident of the ‘surprise’ we were getting but we hadn’t told anyone else our suspicions.

When Hannah was presented to a drugged up Deb, she had to be told three times that it was a girl and she still was not convinced. Even after both bubs had been delivered and taken away, Deb was slurring in disbelief – ‘Girrrlsss, they’re girrlss. I have girrrlss.’



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