Day 4

Another amazing day for ‘no news is great news’! Well, no big news anyway.

Ellie has made a few great steps today. She is already off her blue light so we probably only have to worry about Hannah sun-baking when she is older. She did her first poo which is great (Deb said it was huge). Her breathing has also improved, almost back to where it was, and they will look at taking out her off the ventilator later in the week. And best news is that the blood tests came back and there is no infection! She is back off her antibiotics now.

Both girls are having their fluids increased and everything is looking really positive today. They will have their next (and hopefully final) brain scan on Thursday. After this they are past the big danger of bleeding in the brain which is during the first week.

Ellie's Feet in Deb's hand

Ellie’s Feet in Deb’s hand



6 thoughts on “Day 4

    • Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful little daughters, and thank you Matt & Deb for the fantastic updates – it is so good to hear how they are progressing. With love & best wishes for the new little Royal babies,
      Linda & Steve xx


  1. Dear Matt, Debbie, Nate and Levi – congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful girls! Thank you so much for sharing their progress with all of us at what must be such an apprehensive time. Our thoughts and love are with you every step of the way. Love the boy’s introduction to their sisters,just gorgeous. Nicky, Tom, Milo and Augie xxx


      • Hi Deb, that will be a hard step and I am pleased to hear you are trying to prepare yourself. You do have a very supportive family around you and dont be afraid to lean on them x x your little daughters are absolutely beautiful and I am so happy they are making positive steps forward. XX OO


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