Boys and Girls!

Today was a chance for the boys to meet their sisters for the first time. We were only game to bring them into the ICU one at a time.

Levi was very excited with the whole process and when he saw Ellie he clung onto me tightly and said it was scary. After talking to him for a little bit he wanted to meet Hannah and had exactly the same reaction. He soon settled down and then thought it would be fun to go from Ellie’s crib to Hannah’s and then back again. The visits only lasted 2 seconds before he wanted to change again….he is already enjoying the novelty of twin sisters.

Nate’s turn was next and he was much less intimidated than Levi and was happy to talk to the girls and tell them they are cute and that their big brother loves them.

After the boys had visited it was my turn to wash Hannah who was nice to her dad and gave him a clean nappy to change.



Nate telling Ellie that he loves her


3 thoughts on “Boys and Girls!

  1. Thank you for allowing us to share in this special journey. I remember when lily was born (31+2) and Annie then 2.5years met her, she actually said “that’s not my sister, I don’t like that baby, I want my sister lullaby!” It took a few days to convince her! Sounds like the boys have done amazingly well! It also sounds as though you both are walking through this with such grace. May the prayers of the faithful around you continue to bring you the peace and comfort of the Lord.


    • Kids reactions are special and beautiful, no matter what they are. Thank you for your prayers. I have felt so comforted and protected since problems in this pregnancy started, at 11 week, due to you and all the amazing people around us. Thanks Bron xx
      *Deb x


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