Communication is key

After another great day of ‘no news is great news’ I drove back from Randwick in high spirits. As I collected the boys and tried to convince them to come home with me (they are loving the extra time with grandparents) an SMS from Deb caught me off guard:

‘My stitch just came out, felt like fishing line being pulled through my skin. No dressing and I have burst open!’

After witnessing her c-section first hand (and getting in trouble from the nurse for looking over the screen) I had quite an accurate image in my head of what ‘burst open’ actually looks like. Needless to say I was quite relieved to receive a follow up text advising me to replace the word ‘have’ with ‘haven’t’.




4 thoughts on “Communication is key

  1. Good to know that a qualified teacher has such great command of the English language. I get to heckle you, Deb, even in your current fragile state! You painted such a good picture, Matt, of the fright your other half gave you – what a difference two little letters and one apostrophe can make, huh?

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