Day 5

Today is another great day for the girls. As each day comes we have slowly been able to let go of some fears and allow ourselves to be excited about these beautiful creations. It is so easy to switch from excitement, to worry and then to feeling overwhelmed when considering the length of time we have left. Which leads to some common questions that we can now answer;

  1. How long will the girls be in hospital? – Everyone is cautious to answer this but a general rule of thumb is their due date. So for us we are looking at about 3 months, but it could be more if problems arise or less if the girls do really well.
  2. How long will Deb be in hospital? – The longer the better at this stage (to avoid the inevitable long trips that will have to happen) but we are hoping for Wednesday this week but it could be earlier if they need the room.

Both girls are going on pro-biotics to help their stomachs cope with receiving food.

Hannah is getting her umbilical lines taken out and her long lines put in her arm today, Ellie shouldn’t be too far behind (tomorrow). Ellie has now gone to normal air just like her sister!


Hannah with her sunnies and snorkel on.



2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Glad to hear you’re allowing yourselves some moments of being excited about your beautiful creations – you both should be. Excitement and wonder are so much easier to deal with than anxiety and fear… So glad to hear that things are progressing as well as can be expected (or maybe better?). Will be nice to see a photo of Hannah in a cute bunny suit, as opposed to the fashion statement she is making with sunnies and snorkel. Hang in there, guys – there are a lot of people strongly willing good things for you all! Love D and J x

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