No place I’d rather be

Something struck me when visiting the girls yesterday….why do we love them? And not just Deb and I, but the many many people loving them and supporting us. People who have never met these girls.

As I looked into Hannah’s crib today and she cried and squirmed (she needed the gas to be relieved from her tummy) I questioned why I already was so invested in this little human. So far the girls have given us stress, worry, financial burdens, sleep deprivation, long car trips and uncomfortable beds. They have taken us away from time with our boys and forced Deb and I to spend long periods of time away from each other. But still….we love them, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And then I felt God trying to teach me something through this experience. I have always struggled to comprehend a God that loves us unconditionally. At a mental level I get it, but it has always really been a struggle to feel loved no matter what. Why would God want to love me? Surely God doesn’t need to love me or has better things to do.

But I have better things to do than stand in a sterile room and peer into a plastic box…and yet I wouldn’t want be anywhere else. The girls have done nothing to earn the love of their parents, family and friends but the love they are receiving is undeniable. Maybe this God of unconditional love isn’t such a foreign concept after all.



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