Day 6

Doctors rounds were fairly non eventful this morning, woohoo!

Yesterday Hannah received her long line in her leg. It took them 3 hours and 3 x-Rays to get it into the right position, however if it doesn’t get blocked or infected it will be able to stay in for a number of weeks. I’m told she was incredibly brave as I was there to comfort her as soon as it was over. Today Hannah is still doing really well, she is doing more breathing on her own, while the CPAP is doing less. Both girls will start receiving 1ml of milk 2 hourly instead of 4 hourly today.

Ellie is doing exceptionally well, despite being a bit of a grump this morning. They said she is ready to try and be extubated today but because she is getting her long line in (as I type this) it would be unfair to her because she would already be so tired. So if she maintains her breathing levels overnight they will try her on CPAP tomorrow. Currently both girls are on air without any added oxygen.

Non medical news is I will be going home to my 3 boys tomorrow after what will end up being 10 days in hospital. I’m definitely ready to go home, but get teary at the thought of saying goodbye to my beautiful baby girls.



2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Thinking of you Deb as you go hone tomorrow. Been reading the blog daily to hear of news about your girls. Going home must be bitter sweet but so glad to hear they are being so well looked after and doing so well. Xoxo


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