Day 7

The girls are a week old today and are celebrating by moving up to 1ml of milk every hour!

While the girls are still going okay there were quite a few setbacks today.

Ellie had a lot of trouble getting a long line put in her leg. The doctors spent 2 hours trying to get it in before giving up. Another attempt was made in her arm later on which was successful after an hour. She was exhausted and needed some oxygen to recover. She was then given a small break before being extubated and tried on Cpap like her sister. This was too much for her and they are trialing her on the NAVA breathing system as we write this.

Hannah also had some struggles with her heart rate and oxygen levels dropping sporadically.

Needless to say it was a tough day for Deb to leave the girls and come home but we had already overstayed our welcome at the hospital. (10 days).


Hannah with a long line in her leg, CPAP and cannula

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