Day 8

Another tough day for the girls and we are starting to see some of the problems they told us often come with premmies.

The doctors decided to extubate Ellie to try her on a lighter breathing device but she was intubated again 5 hours later. They did a heart scan on her to see what is causing the breathing problems and found the duct joining the two sides of her heart is wide open (should have closed at birth), so her lungs are getting too much blood. They hope that 3 days on nurofen will close it but if not she is looking at heart surgery which is quite scary at her size.

Hannah is also having struggles and has been quite agitated. She had 3 aponea’s and she got moved down to the NAVA breathing support and she seems to being doing OK on that now. (Only 23% oxygen, 21.6% is air). They are also planning to do a heart scan on Hannah to see if they can find what is slowing her down.

The really good news is both girls got a clear head scan today (which means they are past the biggest danger zone for bleeding on the brain).


Hannah without her CPAP


Ellie getting a hug


Ellie getting her heartscan



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