Day 9 / Good Friday

Today has been our most difficult day by far.

Hannah has been restricted to ‘nil by mouth’ as her little tummy isn’t tolerating the milk that Deb has been working so hard to provide for them. She also remains on antibiotics but the first results from her blood test show good signs for no infection but they will wait to receive the final test tomorrow. Hannah also had her heart scan today and she doesn’t have the same issue that Ellie has.

Ellie – When we arrived at hospital today we found out Ellie has a collapsed lung and has not improved with her breathing. Throughout the day she has needed higher levels of oxygen and they have put her on antibiotics as they suspect a chest infection could be causing her to slip backwards. Ellie is definitely starting to rely on her middle name (Grace) and so are Deb and I as we trust in the experienced hands of the doctors and nurses in her care.

It has been quite a surreal day as we went straight from the Good Friday passion play at our church to the hospital at Randwick. The Easter weekend is filled with messages of suffering and hope, of pain and joy, of loss and great victory. Hannah and Ellie are living out their own suffering on this Good Friday and Deb and I are eagerly yearning for an Easter Sunday experience for them as well.


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