Day 10

Today things looked a little more positive for little Ellie. She had not gotten worse overnight which was the best thing, but the doctors also seemed confident that they had a grip on the cause of her problems. Her first blood cultures came back and pointed towards pneumonia. Her final results should be back tomorrow night but the broad spectrum antibiotics she was started on yesterday should have it under control by then.

As for Ellie’s other issues the ventilator is keeping her collapsed lung under control. She is also coping (just) with her ibuprofen and they hope to give her a 3rd dose of that tonight to help close that heart duct.

(Hannah, you have taken a bit of a backseat in these posts recently but when you read this blog when you grow up we hope you enjoy your big news from today.)

Hannah has done TWO HUGE POOS!!! all on her own and is looking heaps more comfortable today. Her final blood test will come back this evening and they think she will be able to stop her antibiotics.


One thought on “Day 10

  1. Happy Easter to all the Humphreys – big, small and tiny. We hope that your yearning for an “Easter Sunday” experience for the girls that you wrote of is fulfilled. Keep fighting, little ones! D and J xo


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