Day 11 – Easter Sunday

Wow 11 days, it feels like so much longer. It is hard to remember when these girls weren’t in our lives.

Our Easter Sunday didn’t bring the positivity we had hoped for in relation to Ellie. She now has collapsed lobes in both her lungs and is fully reliant on the ventilator and is sitting at 50% oxygen (they will work on slowly bringing this down). The infection she has is a resistant strain and the antibiotics she was on were not effective. They have her on two types of antibiotics now one of which they try to save as a last resort for cases like this, when regular antibiotics don’t work. She did manage to get her three does of ibuprofen however they were unsuccessful in closing the duct in her heart, they said they may not have been as effective due to her infection. Hopefully they will be able to give her another three doses in a week or so when she is feeling better and can avoid the heart surgery. Ellie also currently has a low hemoglobin count and they think this may also be contributing to her respiration struggles. They will be starting a blood transfusion at about 4pm and that will take 4 hours. She is receiving 15mls per kilo which is equivalent to 10.5mls for Ellie. Thank you to everyone who has ever donated blood.

Hannah has been a little neglected from her parent due to Ellie making such a fuss but she seems to be doing well. They continue to stop and start her feeds due to green ‘premmie gut’. This issue is very common for premmie’s and should correct itself eventually. It’s due to her digestive tract not being prepared to have food for another three months.



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