Day 12

It was a day later than we asked for but some good news for Ellie was still very welcome. Ellie’s blood transfusion went well and she showed immediate signs of benefiting from the extra blood in her system. She is still needing morphine to control the pain and agitation that comes with a Sepsis infection. The best news is that the cultures have come back from the blood test and the antibiotic they changed to last night is confirmed as the correct one and signs of improvement are already at hand. She is down to needing 40% oxygen and her skin and bloated tummy both look better. The doctor’s plan is to get the Sepsis under control, then readdress the open heart duct issue and finally look to help her improve her breathing.

Hannah is doing great at the moment and even has put on weight now weighing in at a massive 1.2kg! (she weighs more than a bag of tomatoes!) Her breathing is continuing to improve and her only hurdle is learning to tolerate her feeds.


Hannah having finger holds with her Daddy

Both girls still have a long way to go and Ellie hasn’t fully escaped her infection scare yet but the parents are feeling in a much better place than we were last night.




3 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. Oh this is welcome news!! 3 cousins here literally cheering for you girls. Keep growing little ones! Your cousins are today planning to teach you and your twin cousins how to play with bow and arrows. Every girls dream no doubt.

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  2. So happy to hear the good news – The steps forward need to keep outnumbering the setbacks and if your crowd of supporters have any say in willing it so, then good things are bound to happen. Love the photo of Hannah and Daddy holding hands – she might only be 1.2kg (sorry, a massive 1.2kg), but looks like she has a very sturdy grip – a Daddy’s girl already?

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