Day 13

Ellie is still on bed rest and is nil by mouth (she still receives food intravenously, but no milk). The amount of morphine she has been on was halved this morning, as she is looking a little bit more comfortable. She still got cranky during her cares, but looks better than she has. Unfortunately her cannula will have to be replaced, the antibiotics makes them not last as long. Ellie seems to be fighting the infection well, her blood tests have been coming back better.

Hannah is looking good and big (compared to Ellie, especially).The doctors have changed her NAVA settings slightly making her a little less reliant on it. They have also increased her feeds to 1ml every 2 hours. Unfortunately she is not pooing as regularly as she should be again. The most exciting thing is…… she will be off humidity tomorrow and we get to have hugs for the first time (for about 2hrs)! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate her 2 week birthday.

2016-03-29 18.09.23

Sleepy time

2016-03-29 18.08.51

The nurse took photos with my head gear off.

They look alike to me, can you guess who is who???


If you would like to read more about my personal journey through this, click on ‘A premmie Mum’s Diary’ in the menu.


5 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. Owen thinks Ellie is the first pic and then Hannah? Both absolutely gorgeous! Keep up the good work, stay strong, we are thinking of you all each day, love megs, em & owen….Perthxxx


  2. OK I’ll play! That’s Ellie on top? Maybe I have an unfair advantage but I think I spot her central line and splint? Poor bubba. They both look so gorgeous though!
    How special that you FINALLY get kangaroo cuddles!!! Hooray!! It will do amazing things for both of you! A word of advice: go pee first, Mumma. Its a long two hours if you forget and you won’t want to move haha! Enjoy!!!


  3. Yep, I’m going with Ellie on top as well. Both such cuties.
    Yaaaaaaaay – first cuddle! Enjoy !! Matt, you definitely need to plan just the right song to sing to her – suggestions anyone??


  4. You are all correct. Ellie is on top and still looking a little sick in that photo, thankfully she is getting a little better everyday. The night nurse did a photo shoot for me when they were weighing Hannah because I have never really seen her face due to her CPAP and NAVA masks, plus she always has a dummy in her mouth. So it was another little way for me to connect with my girls, especially when I am at home.

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