Day 14/Hannah Hugs!

Happy birthday girls, 2 weeks old today!

Some birthday highlights included:

  • A lumber puncture for Ellie (which was relatively hassle free and showed no sign of meningitis!!)
  • Both girls are now back on receiving milk through their feeding tubes
  • Ellie has improved again and her oxygen requirements have come down to 33%
  • Hannah had her first ever hug and was stoked to share it with her mummy.

Hannah’s first hugs while on her NAVA

Deb and I are both deeply touched by the huge amounts of support that have been carrying us through this. Thank you so much to the countless people that are helping us in so many different ways, we are positive we haven’t been able to properly show our gratitude but know it is what is keeping us going at the moment.



8 thoughts on “Day 14/Hannah Hugs!

  1. Oh wow. Cuddles are the best medicine for a premmie. I hope you both get a chance for kangaroo cuddles. They are some powerful moments. Still praying and thinking of you all. Keep the updates coming. You are all doing such a great job. Love and hugs. Xox

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  2. So lovely to see you are able to hug your little girl. Hope you get to hug Ellie soon as well! Praying God will continue to sustain you all through this time. Sounds like you are doing amazingly well. Xx


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