Day 15

Lots and not too much seemed to happen today. Ellie got moved into a new bed (they get changed every two weeks), she did not enjoy being handled this much or being moved, Hannah became very agitated and squirmy while I was giving her hugs during Ellie’s move.  It took a few hours, a new ventilation tube and some sedatives to calm Ellie down. She is stable again now. While they were re-intubating Ellie, Hannah kept de-stating (dropping her heart rate). I’m not sure if Hannah keeps mucking up when Ellie is uncomfortable for attention, due to coincidence or if it’s a strange twincidence.

Good news for Ellie, while they were moving her they briefly put her on the scales and with her ventilation on she tipped the scales at a whopping 1016grams! So taking into account her ventilation she is still hovering around the 1kg mark. That’s massive for the little 695gram baby I had two weeks ago.

Hannah once again is off her feeds due to her digestive tract struggling a bit again, she lasted three days this time! She is also crying and whingy because she is getting hungry, I think this is a great sign. She is becoming more and more like a full grown newborn.

*forgot one important thing (sorry Hannah) Hannah has moved from NAVA back to CPAP today.



Ellie’s hand and cannula


Hannah’s little foot and Mum’s hand

3 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. Ellie that is a fantastic weight gain!!! Wow!!! I’d be cranky too if someone dragged me out of bed and put me in another 🙂
    What amazing little girls you have! Keep up the good work guys! X


  2. Those twincidence moments may be just the start of a lifetime of going out in sympathy with each other…
    An almost 50% weight gain in 2 weeks – well done Ellie!
    It’s good to hear that both girls are expressing their displeasure at being poked, prodded, being hungry etc – all normal baby behaviour, huh?
    It’s their first day of a new month today – welcome to April, Hannah and Ellie


  3. Ellie is a true Humphreys! Go the big weight gain! So proud of her! Hannah’s behaviour is quite possibly a twin thing 🙂 Our 2 went ballistic when they were put in different bassinets at hospital after they were seperated for being naughty together and not sleeping! It is a bond I don’t think we’ll ever really understand. xx


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