Day 16

I should begin with Hannah moving on from NAVA and onto bubble CPAP yesterday, I just rang the hospital (8pm) and she is doing really well with her breathing and is fast asleep. She was allowed a little bit of milk again today, 1ml every 2 hours and she seems to be tolerating it well. Matt got special Daddy-Hannah hugs today. Hannah had a cannula put in today so that they could start her on some antibiotics, as a precaution, standard premmie procedure, her cultures where sent off today and we will find out over the next 48 hours if they grow something.


Daddy’s first hug with Hannah

Ellie is still resting and recovering from her move yesterday, they are treating her with antifungals and removed her long line last night, as they are a little unsure why she isn’t recovering as quickly as they anticipated after being put on the right antibiotics, we will find out more over the next 48 hours. (why does everything take 48 hours to grow??) Her milk feeds have just stopped while she continues to rest and recover. Overnight her breathing improved and she was just on air, it is about 30% at the moment and they will work on lowering that again (air is 21.6% oxygen). Ellie is still very fragile and doesn’t like to be touched, the consultant this morning said he anticipates her improving from here, rather than more backwards steps. When she is stabilised the cardiologists will re-scan her heart to make a finally decision regarding her open duct, at this stage Ellie’s doctors are anticipating another three day course of a drug slightly different to ibuprofen (my memory is shocking at the moment so I can’t remember the name of it).

Ellie did receive her second blood transfusion last night with some platelets and received a second lot of platelets this afternoon. We cannot thank all those wonderful people enough who donate blood. See below for the initiative my incredible sister has started inspired by my daughters.

Blood 1

Below is a beautiful message written by my sister Helen, comment below or contact me for more details.

As many of you know my sister & brother in law had two gorgeous little girls join their family 2 weeks ago. Hannah Rose & Ellie Grace were born just shy of 27 weeks gestation and are currently being looked after by a wonderful team of doctors & nurses at The Royal Hospital for Women. The past two weeks I’ve often asked myself, what more can I do to help these two beautiful girls and their family? I’m sure many of you have also asked yourselves the same question.
Ellie Grace has already received a life changing blood transfusion which had me thinking – if everyone who is praying & thinking of Hannah & Ellie gave a donation of blood imagine how many lives could be touched!
With inspiration from my little nieces I have started a RED25 group through the Australian Red Cross called:

‘Hannah Rose & Ellie Grace’

Anyone can join, that includes all family and friends near and far throughout all of Australia!

My aim is to get at least 50 donations in our tally by the time the girls are 3 months old – which is by 16th June

There will be a group donating on Saturday 9th April at the Miranda donation centre. Ring up and make an appointment (13 14 95) if you are able too.

Click on this link and join the group Hannah Rose & Ellie Grace today!

blood 2

Sorry about the super long post today.



One thought on “Day 16

  1. Thank you for mentioning the RED25 group Debbie!
    To make an appointment for Miranda on the 9th April everyone can contact me directly. I’m holding 10 appointments (so the centre is now booked out on that day!). If you want to donate and can’t make this date, join the group and you can donate anytime, anywhere.
    My email is if you would like more information or would like to join me on Saturday 9th April xx

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