Day 17 – Sibling Bonds

It is quite a bit of extra effort bringing the boys to the hospital so we are currently working on one sibling visit day a week, today was that day. As always it was an effort getting the boys in the car but thanks to Nate running the car games on the way we were all in high spirits by the time we arrived.

We were just about to enter the high security infant ICU section when the boys decided it was a good time for a full scale meltdown. Within a minute both boys were yelling and crying about who got to see the babies first (we were actually planning on taking them in together this time but that apparently was irrelevant). After a long time of talks, separation and attempted reasoning we took our two grumpy faced boys into the ICU only to have another disaster about the warm water at the hand wash station.

Needless to say by the time we got to the girls we were dreading the 4 hour stay at the hospital. All was quickly forgotten though when Nate was given the opportunity to touch his sister for the first time ever. Nate was very excited about the interaction and Hannah squeezed his fingers while he held her hand. (maybe we won’t have to swap them to boys after all).

IMG_0299 (1)

It was also a good day for the girls. Hannah is back on her feeds and looks really good. Ellie did really well during her cares and didn’t crash once, her skin is looking better and she even opened her eyes today (she has been on a sedative and a paralytic the last few days to help her through her infection struggles). They  have found a second infection and are treating it while we are awaiting blood tests to help pinpoint any fungal issues.



5 thoughts on “Day 17 – Sibling Bonds

  1. Look forward everyday to your post, especially the last few days have been positive. Lovely the boys got to interact with their sisters yesterday. Praying for you all xx


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