Day 20 (already, wow)

Last call out for anyone who is able to donate life saving blood at Miranda on Saturday. Appointments start at 12:45pm. Please contact my amazing sister Helen to book yours, or 0403 537 233.

Be brave and save 3 lives


Not too much to report on the Ellie front today. She is still having tummy xrays as a precaution, but her tummy still feels soft, which is great. She is off all her milk feeds while her digestive tract has a rest, plus it gives her time to poo (she keeps stealing Hannah’s problems). She was due to get her long line in today, however the doctor we want to put it in also had two others to do so Ellie is at the bottom of the list and will probably have to wait til tomorrow. She is stable and has two working cannulas, so not a high priority. After not seeing her for two days she is looking heaps better, hopefully she keeps resting and improving.

So Hannah is making her little sister look even smaller at the moment. She has done this by weighing in at a whopping 1.46kgs, she is actually looking quite meaty. Hannah has also had her milk feeds increased again. And Hannah’s big news for the day is she got put on to high flow (a different breathing thing, getting her closer to breathing on her own). They are predicting it could tire her out at this stage but will give her a red hot go before putting her back on CPAP. The high flow looks a lot more comfy for her.


Hannah without her hat, on high flow.


Sleepy time for Ellie – lots of tape but only because she likes to pull tubes/cannulas out.












4 thoughts on “Day 20 (already, wow)

  1. Thanks for the effort you’re putting into the blog – heaven knows how you’re finding the time, but it is much appreciated – we really enjoy reading news of positive steps forward for the girls. So many beautiful moments captured in photos – Hannah resting on your chest is a gem – Ellie constantly wanting to pull out tubes and cannulas suggests a fighting spirit which is just what she needs- perfectly normal that she’s annoyed by them, don’t blame her!
    Go Team Humphreys xo

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  2. Matty and Debs, I am following this everyday, and sending all my thoughts and prayers to you and the girls (and the boys)! I couldn’t come down to Red Cross yesterday, but I found somewhere around here today. After they made a pin cushion of me during my surgeries the year before last, I wasn’t sure I’d ever again voluntarily let someone stick a needle in me, but it only took a second of thinking of everything you, your beautiful girls and your doctors/nurses are giving, and it was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. xxxx

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