Day 21

Happy 3 week Birthday Ellie and Hannah!

Ellie is celebrating in style. If all went well (I’m ringing after I write this) she will be sporting a brand new long line and only one cannula. She is off both her antibiotics, the cardiologist re-scanned her heart and were extremely surprised to see her very large duct had closed to the point of being clinically insignificant without any additional medication! Also if she behaves herself overnight they will be extubating her and trialling her on bubble CPAP. Go Ellie!

Hannah was put back onto bubble CPAP at about 6pm last night after putting in an amazing effort on her high flow, however it made her too tired at this stage. She will get a few days of rest and then they will try again. However she is celebrating her 3 week birthday by having about 120mls of milk everyday! Go Hannah!

What an amazing way to celebrate a 3 week birthday. However Mummy was so super excited about hearing about Ellie’s heart duct that she forgot to take a photo. Hannah and Mummy took some stunners during hugs though.



Mummy and Hannah love x

7 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Happy three week birthday beautiful girls 🎉🎈 After reading this today deb I think the picture I sent you last night suits Ellie perfectly 😊 They’re both such awesome little champs 🏆🏆 xx

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