Day 22

Hannah is doing well, no changes, except more increases to her milk feeds. Otherwise just resting and getting bigger.

Ellie did get her long line in last night, they also took her cannula out. However this morning the doctors were concerned about the size of her belly and a few other small things, so she is back on a broad spectrum antibiotics (a new cannula went back in for this) until her blood tests come back and they have sent another test away to see if she has a virus (equivalent to a cold virus but more significant in a 1kg baby). So there was no extubation today, just more rest and a continual lowering of her morphine.

A reasonably quiet day really. There was a lot going on in the Nursery today so my hugs were only about 1 1/2hrs, super nice and cuddly still.



3 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Hi matt, dad sent me the link to your blog today. Wonderful that the girls are getting the best of care. The lawrences are all cheering them on!
    Your cousin jess.

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