Day 24

Well anyone who has been following the blog everyday won’t be surprised that what was anticipated for today didn’t happen….. First off Hannah didn’t get her rest day, she is now back on high flow and as of 3 hours ago doing quite well. Woohoo! She has already lasted longer than she did the other day. Most of her ‘cannula food’ has stopped she is just on clear fluids now because she is able tolerate almost enough milk to sustain her. Personally I don’t know how her little tummy can digest that much!

Ellie was a little naughty last night, she had a pretty bad episode and took sometime to recover from it. They had to reverse all their hard work and put her morphine back up to where it was 3 days ago, she also required another blood transfusion. Ellie’s biggest problem at the moment is she is fighting the ventilator, which is normal a sign that they no longer need it. However the settings she requires shows she will not do well without it. So their new plan is to start her back on milk feeds over the weekend, which she is tolerating. Then give her some steroids on Monday to help further develop her lungs, then look at trying to extubate her again, assuming she doesn’t get sick.

These girls are getting me quite confused at the moment, they keep swapping what is meant to be happening or they swap whatever premmie problem they are currently experiencing. I guess I’m in for a lifetime of that though.

Another photo shoot for Hannah.


All wrapped up after Mumma hugs, with her high flow whiskers.


Haha Mum, got my CPAP off!








3 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. Forwards steps, backwards steps, swapping problems, confusing their Mum – sounds like Hannah and Ellie are teaching you a very thorough lesson in the meaning of the concept “resilience”!! Love the photo of H with her CPAP off – looking very alert, curious and pleased with herself – are they Daddy’s dark eyes I see? xo


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