Day 26

I will start with Ellie today, I think Hannah has started a few days in a row now.

Ellie’s milk feeds have increased to 1ml every 2hrs (yes I said increased), she is tolerating them OK at this stage. She is also tolerating her steroids which is great, 1 1/2 days down and only 8 1/2 to go. If they start to see some improvement in her breathing the doctors will extubate on Wednesday or Thursday, they are being very cautious. This will be her 4th extubation and it is unpleasant getting the tube put back in, so they want to be sure it will stay out. She also did a poo yesterday, yay! Her first since the 31/3 (just incase you were wondering).

Hannah. The speed with which Hannah is progressing is terrifying me a little, things are changing so quickly. This is obviously fantastic for her. Hannah is down to a feeding tube and her high flow, she is also just in a normal baby hospital bed. The type full-term newborns are in! This terrified me today, she seemed so protected in the house. However at a massive 1.6kgs, I’m told she is big enough to regulate her own temperature. She is also on full milk feeds and today is receiving a fortifier (extra calories) in her milk. Go Hannah. The massive benefit of Hannah doing so well is that when Ellie is able to get hugs Hannah is in a position to be moved over to Ellie’s bed so that they can have twin cuddles.


Saturday night’s photo shoot with the nurse.


Saturday night’s photo shoot with the nurse.








Hannah wearing a 00000 suit.








5 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. Yep, everyone is so impressed with the fashion statement photos – gorgeous to see! Can’t believe the difference 26 days can make. That is a lovely thought about Hannah being able to be moved alongside Ellie for twin hugs – sounds like a wonderful thing to look forward to, Mummy x


  2. What wonderful news about Hannah. When Ellie sees her in big girl clothes I am sure she will be putting a super effort to catch up!! Love to you all. Carolyn


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