Day 27

Ellie has been quite agitated over the last few days and was particularly so this morning. The doctors thought the best thing for her would be to extubate and make her more comfortable. The nurse and I were a little apprehensive about this, there was only a 50% chance that she would not have to be re-intubated. Thankfully they did a chest x-ray before proceeding, this showed evidence of Ellie’s lungs still being collapsed. So the extubation could not happen. The lovely nurse asked the doctors if Ellie could get Mummy hugs to calm her down instead, best 3 and a bit hours ever. After hugs Ellie needed to get her long line retaped, I was just commenting on how well she coped with this happening when she crashed. Within about 30 seconds she has a neonatology specialist, fellow and junior doctor around her, as well as 4 trained NICU nurses. They got all her stats up quite quickly, but realised her lungs were a little worse than they hoped after 2 1/2 days on steroids. She was immediately started on a drug to try and help get rid of some of the fluid in her lungs. They are hoping this helps her enough to think about extubation again in a few days.

Hannah has had no changes today, she is very happily plodding along and slowly getting bigger.


Ellie’s 1st ever hugs


6 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. So happy to hear you got to hold Ellie! Such a beautiful photo. Xx and so glad to hear Hannah is doing so well. Hope Nate is also feeling better and your feeling well


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