Day 28

Another Wednesday another milestone for our girls, 4 weeks old today, 31 weeks gestation tomorrow.

Hannah hasn’t had to much going on. She didn’t like the fortifier they were putting in her milk (they try to give premmies all the extra calories they can), she showed the doctors this by making her tummy even bigger than usual. They have stopped it now and will try an alternative tomorrow or the next day. Otherwise she is doing really well, she is just on air on her high flow and is looking great. Her and Matt enjoyed some hugs today.

Ellie celebrated her 4 week birthday by going back onto the 2 antibiotics they stopped on her 3 week birthday. They suspect one of the two infections she has had previously has come back. Her lungs are struggling and the very perceptive consultant started her on antibiotics last night, it was the right call the initial result from her blood test is showing a sign of infection they will have it narrowed down in the next 24hrs.

Ellie is still very uncomfortable with her breathing tube and pulls on it, which can irritate her more. We got to have hugs again today simply to let her get some rest, she is far less agitated when she is lying on me (as any sick kid would be, lying on their Mum). They have given her a mild sedative so that she can rest and recover because I can’t hold her 24 hours a day, although it was suggested, in jest. They stopped her steroids yesterday just until her infection is under control again. The doctors main priority at this stage is to help her beat this infection and then get her lungs healthy enough to extubate.


Hannah and Ellie hugs happening at the same time.


4 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. Poor little Ellie, hope she starts having some better days soon, although she probably thinks it’s better now that she gets mummy hugs. Love to you all mum & dad xxxx


  2. Happy 4 week birthday for yesterday, Hannah and Ellie, from your Great Aunt xo
    Hope Day 29 brings lots of good progress for Ellie – so glad you have finally been able to hold her – she (and you) would have loved it xo


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