Day 30

Well after last nights cliffhanger……


I have good news! Ellie made it through the night and has had a great day, all on her NAVA. It’s not easy for her but I haven’t seen her as relaxed and settled as I saw her this morning, in days. I assumed she was still on her sedative and morphine but no she was just happier working hard to breath than she is on the ventilator. She was so settled today they were able to weight her, she is 1.09kgs! (she is getting closer to Hannah’s birth weight). She was quite unsettled this afternoon, doing a few bit of crying – this lowers her stats. The nurses quickly realised that due to yesterdays crazy events Ellie’s morphine had been lowered and stopped in about 16hrs as opposed to the usual 3 days, so she was experiencing some withdrawals. She is now receiving a few drops of morphine in her mouth every 8 hours after being reviewed by the doctors until it can be stopped comfortably. She also did a HUGE poo, the doctors should know better than to say the word suppository around my daughters!

Hannah had another quiet day. Her and Matt had a cuddle and snooze together, which they both seemed to enjoy. Today she weighed in at 1.7kgs! That’s a gain of a little over 100grams in 2 days, they have added some extra fats to her milk today to help her gain weight…. I’m going to be bringing home a giant.


They are starting to look alike now…


Strong little Ellie has managed to get her hand free of her cannula board.










4 thoughts on “Day 30

  1. Brilliant news! Those weight gains are very impressive, Ellie off the ventilator, poos without intervention (didn’t say the word in case they’re listening!) – wonderful steps forward!! I refer to my previous comments about Ellie’s feistiness – hand off the cannula board indeed…


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