Day 31 – 16/4/16 – 1 month old

Happy 1 month Birthday Hannah and Ellie!

We celebrated the girls 1 month birthday with a girls day. The boys are having a sleepover, Matt is at a wedding (congratulations Dave and Nicole) and I am trying to fit in as many hugs as possible. I had normal baby hugs with Hannah for 1/2hr, almost 2hrs of kanga hugs with Ellie (almost 2hrs because she had prongs in her nose and got super cranky) and am having a break to refuel before I go back up and have kanga hugs with Hannah.

Medical news, both girls have increased their milk feeds and that’s about it….. Ellie needs to finish a course of antibiotics and continue being weened off her steroids and morphine. But is otherwise doing well, still so much happier than she was ventilated. The steroids have given her lungs enough of a boost now so they will begin to reduce them. Ellie is a little fragile still, but one month on who knew they would be doing this well.

Hannah Rose Day 1

Hannah Rose – 5 minutes old


Hannah Rose – 1 month old

Ellie at birth

Ellie Grace – minutes old


Ellie Grace – 1 month old (sorry you can’t see her face).



7 thoughts on “Day 31 – 16/4/16 – 1 month old

  1. Oh Debs that photo of Hannah smiling at you put a smile on my face and brought tears to my eyes xx Ellie you go girl and catch up to your big sis…..believe in miracles xxx


  2. The girls turned one month old same day as Nonna turned 94. We were gathered at Aunty Maria’s today celebrating Nonna’s birthday when cousin Raelene showed me the photo of Hannah smiling at Mummy – lots of oohs and aahs – and just a few glistening eyes! As you say Deb, one month on, whodathunkit?
    Thrilled for you all xo


  3. AMAZING DEB 🙂 ……. we think you girls rock, so strong and absolutely beautiful, what a gorgeous and inspiring family!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all xx megs, em, owen, james


  4. I love your updates Deb and Matt, and the photos – the girls are just gorgeous. Thinking of you all and continued prayers for Hannah and Ellie’s health progress xxx


  5. What wonderful photos! Just to see Hannah looking up at Deb with such love and trust brings tears to my eyes. Love and hugs to you all. What inspirations for us!!


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