Day 34

Today was Daddy’s turn to visit the girls and after a 2 hour crawl into Randwick all was forgiven with a 2 hour hug time with Hannah. Both girls are still doing well today.

Ellie will be having her steroids reduced to see how much she really is relying on her NAVA machine. We are so blessed that Randwick is one of the only hospitals with these machines (they are super expensive and Randwick has 2!!) and without this special machine Ellie would definitely still be intubated which she hates.

Knowing we would never be able to afford such treatment without the generosity of others is part of the reason we would love to give back in a small way. My dad is running a half marathon as a fundraiser to give back to the hospital and to pass the blessings on to families that need the assistance in the future. If you are interested in supporting this just click this link for more info – Everydayhero



Hannah feeling very settled after Daddy Hugs and a feed


2 thoughts on “Day 34

  1. Hannah looks so happy and contented, let’s hope Ellie follows her big sister as fast as possible. Love and hugs beautiful girls and family xx


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