Day 35

5 weeks old today! 32 weeks gestation tomorrow.

Hannah is continuing to go well. There is talk of challenging her breathing a bit further soon. The doctors will possibly try her with no breathing support or try her on low flow. While this is very exciting for Hannah it will mean she will be moved to the level 2 room in the ICU, meaning we will have kids in to separate rooms, with two different teams of doctors. Another challenge with twins.

Ellie is having a good day today. The doctors decided to to challenge her breathing on a few different levels. Her steroids have been reduced, her oxygen levels are down to air and her NAVA level has been reduced by quite a bit. The NAVA machine is still breathing for Ellie whenever she forgets or just can’t be bothered and that is quite often, they are challenging her to test her lungs and make her stronger so she will be more capable to breath on her own all the time. Also for probably the first time in her life Ellie has no lines in, no cannulas, no long lines. The only invasive equipment on her is her feeding tube!


Ellie very calm and relaxed today.


Hannah in her big girl clothes.


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