Day 36

Another uneventful day, it was actually almost boring. For the first time I have come to realise premmie’s that aren’t sick sleep a lot. I’m use to Ellie being agitated and needing settling and her alarms sounding constantly while I am there – it was very quiet today.

Hannah had to have a cannula put in to receive a blood transfusion, this wasn’t discussed but I assume her body it struggling to keep up with it’s rapid growth, she is fine just short on blood. Ellie has had her NAVA levels changed a little to make her less dependant, also she is doing a significant amount of breathing on her own now and not being so dependent on the machine to breath for her when she forgets or gets lazy. The girls got their first of 3 or 4 eye tests today, they weren’t very happy having it done but both their eyes are looking good (the oxygen they give them can sometimes affect their eye sight slightly).

I have worked out that my delicate, petite little darlings have both pulled their 14cm long feeding tubes out twice each in the last 3 days. They are both lifting their heads and looking around and are both sucking their dummies quite well. I have been trying to remind them that they were still meant to be inside of me until at least today and that babies don’t get a sucking reflex until they are 34 weeks. Little rascals.


In honour of Hannah’s blood tranfusion today I am putting a call out for people to donate blood. The girls have so far inspired 33 people to donation (we are hoping to get 50 by the 16th May) and those donations have saved 57 lives!

Don’t forget to join the Hannah Rose and Ellie Grace Red25 group (where all donations will be tallied- we hope to show the girls this when they are older so that they can see all the support they received) at

A special call out to all those Sutherland Shire followers, there will be a mobile van at Engadine pub, in the function room, on Wednesday the 4th May. There will be collecting blood between 1:30 and 6:30pm, if you are able to PLEASE donate, it has become very obvious to us how incredible it is that whenever our girls have needed blood it has been there within hours. Donations truly do save lives.

To make an appointment at Engadine ring 13 14 95 (you can make appointment at any centre by dialling this number) or go to


Roy has more than doubled and in fact is close to tripling his original goal of raising $700 by running for premmie babies at RHW. Thank you so much to all those that have contributed to that total. The equipment they use in the Nursery is amazing and saving so many babies lives. Thank you.

If you would like to donate or read more about where this money will be used please go to


Just napping while I get my blood. Donate, save babies like me.


Mum hugs, making me hold my own dummy already.


2 thoughts on “Day 36

  1. So glad to hear the day was almost boring – beats medical dramas and crisis management any day, huh? The fact that the girls are displaying a good sucking reflex and pulling out feeding lines are more examples of their fighting spirit – maybe we could nickname them Rocky 1 and Rocky 2?? Jokes aside, keep up the great work, Hannah and Ellie! xo

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