Day 37

Most importantly today……

Matt got to hold Ellie for the first time ever! They had a nice long hug together and Ellie was even reasonably well behaved. It was also family day for us today so the boys got to see Hannah in her big girl bed for the first time and Ellie with her snorkel.


Ellie holding the tip of Daddy’s finger during hugs.

Medically the girls are doing well, both waver between air (21.something% oxygen) and about 25%, both are getting annoyed at their feeding tubes – Ellie set a new record yesterday of pulling hers out 6 times in 12hrs. Even after wrapping her and keeping her hands away from her face she managed to drool on the tape (due to the NAVA, making it not sticky) and then used her tongue to push it out.

They are reminding everyone they are identical, Hannah needed a blood transfusion yesterday and Ellie will get one either tonight or tomorrow morning. Ellie is trying her hardest to be like her big sister. Although Hannah gained more weight, she is now 1.9kgs and Ellie lost 100grams so is back to 1.1kgs,Ellie is on full milk feeds now so should start growing at a pretty steady rate.

We have had a few comments that the girls actually look quite big in the photos compared to real life. Next time you have a ruler in your hand measure 34-38cm, that is about how long the girls are. Next time you pick up a bag of 1kg sugar or flour that is about how much Ellie currently weighs and is probably a similar size to her body. Hannah is closer to a 2kg bag of potatoes. Just to give you some perspective. This photo should help too, I think the singlet is size 0000.




3 thoughts on “Day 37

  1. Happy for you, Matt, that you got to finally hold Ellie – a very touching photo (pardon the pun). That is so remarkable that a baby so absolutely teeny (the perspective of Ellie in the 0000 singlet a good way of reminding us all how tiny they are) is strong enough and determined enough to pull her feed tube out 6 times in 12 hours – go Ellie! She is obviously trying to tell everyone that she just wants “the real thing”- enough of all your tubes, needles, sticky tape etc. Patience,little ones – when you get to go home it will be absolute bliss! Though you’ll have your big brothers to poke and annoy you…
    PS Mummy, would you please stop comparing us to bags of produce!!

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