Day 38

Ellie is doing very well today, it took two goes by two different doctors to get her cannula in, she was very patient with them and didn’t require additional breathing support. She has been breathing air and her oxygen saturation is sitting on and just under 100%, I’m hoping she continues on this path. She was still a little low on blood so had her transfusion this afternoon. Little Ellie is still have a little trouble giving up her morphine so they have put her on smaller regular does rather than just when she needs it and they will reduce these doses over the next few days.

Hannah has been having a little trouble with her breathing, needed some oxygen and extra support, after feeds. There is a lot of talk about whether or not this is due to her very large torso. This was further investigated today and an xray showed she has a large amount of air in her intestines and bowel. To try and reduce the size of her tummy and ease her discomfort they will start her on a specialised formula that is a little easier to digest. It is also more calorie dense than breast milk so her feed sizes can be reduced (she was on about 350mls per day), they will trial this over the next 2 or 3 days, hopefully we will see some improvement then.



Ellie having a sleep in the dark.


Hannah and Mummy hugs today.



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