Day 40

It seems fitting that it is day 40 that I sit down to write this update tonight. 40 is a significant number for the Jewish culture (40 years in wilderness, 40 days in desert, 40 days in the whale etc) and we really feel as if the girls have come through a turning point this week.

Ellie’s oxygen and pressure levels are the lowest they have been and she has now been without intubation for over a week now. This means she is learning to breath a little on her own and looks like she won’t need to go back to having a tube put into her lungs (high infection risk). She is also tolerating a decent amount of milk now and looks to not need another long line (high infection risk). Our little girl who has relied heavily on her middle name since birth is starting to show signs of physical independence and both her parents are so grateful and proud.

Hannah’s big tummy has become quite the problem since before she was born (one nurse today said it was the biggest she had ever seen) but there seemed to be a breakthrough today. A change to a prescription formula and some assistance from her nurse to relieve gas build up has made a big difference and her tummy looks much better today. The consultant seemed confident to keep addressing the problem and manage it better from here on in.

There is still such a long way to go and we would be naive to not foresee more challenges ahead, but after our 40 days of trial it seems like a great time to stop and appreciate how far our girls have come and to look forward to bringing them home one day. As always we are eternally grateful for your support and prayer.






2 thoughts on “Day 40

  1. Looking forward to an even better “state of the nation” report on Day 50. Ellie’s middle name certainly seems to be a reflection of how her life has run thus far. Interesting though, that Hannah in Hebrew means “grace” or “favour”. Hmmm…


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