Day 41

Well after a boy day yesterday it was nice to go to the hospital and see that Hannah’s tummy was much smaller, still large but looking much more comfortable. She really is looking like a regular newborn, except newborns now look like toddlers to me, so I guess a small newborn.

Ellie and I had hugs today. I’m still not use to her being so settled, she just slept on me without squirming or setting off her alarms endlessly. They have halved her morphine again (0.3mls) twice a day and they will continue to lower it. Her steroids have also been lowered again today, she is on the second lowest amount now so it will be lowered one more time before it is stopped. Ellie’s tummy started to get big overnight, so they reduced her feeds slightly. She was on 190mls/kilo/day, the most her big sister has ever been on was 180mls/kilo/day so they are thinking she was just over full. That’s a lot of milk for a slightly over 1kg baby!

So this week is a good week, still exhausting but slightly less stressful. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers.



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