Day 42 – 6 weeks old (or 32+6)

Ellie only gained 16 grams in the last few days so they are going to trial her on hourly feeds, rather than continuous. If she can handle that they can start to try and had a fortifier (extra calories) to her milk, which will hopefully help her to gain weight faster.

Hannah put on about another 50 grams and has cracked the 2kg mark. Hannah is now only about 50 grams off being twice the size of her sister. This morning they took Hannah off all her breathing help as a trial. Her tummy is still large and the high flow pushes air constantly into her, they are hoping without this she will not have as much air in her tummy and it will get smaller.

I am about to ring to see how she is managing breathing all on her own. Hannah is doing very well, her breathing is very even and calm except when she is awake and grumpy and then it just gets a little quick. Ellie is struggling a little with her hourly feeds but the doctors want to push on so they can get those extra calories into her.

I had a little helper at the hospital with me today to help the girls celebrate their 6 week birthday’s.



Levi visiting his sisters with Mummy.


6 week smiles.


Hugs with Mummy.


Little Ellie.

13072283_10153677333901298_828869745_o (1)

Two of four.


2 thoughts on “Day 42 – 6 weeks old (or 32+6)

  1. So beautiful! Thanks for keeping us posted, always in our thoughts!
    Any chance you could start stuffing some Big Macs down Ellie’s feeding tube? 😉

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  2. Happy 6 week birthday Hannah and Ellie! Hannah at the 2 kilo mark very impressive. I’m sure Ellie will catch up. Maybe H is going to be a charge ahead kinda gal and E will be the steady, persistent twin sister. Love to all xo

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