Day 43 – 33 weeks

It was a twin hug day!

The day started with Ellie pulling her feeding tube out, including her NAVA sensor, this made the NAVA think she wasn’t breathing and breathed for her (this made her cranky) and then the doctors came and turned that part of the machine off so it wasn’t backing up her breathing at all (essentially a CPAP) and that made her cranky. Needless to say twin hugs were cut short again, this time due to Ellie misbehaving – really she just wanted to be left alone in her bed. So two twin hugs and they have taken it in turns mucking up for them, hopefully I get to have them again.

That is actually the only medical news for today as well, other than that all was pretty quiet. Ellie did require her NAVA level to go up, but was breathing beautifully again once she was left alone. Hannah is still doing very well breathing without any support and could possibly be moved out of level 3 (NICU) and on to level 2 in the next few days.


First was hugs with Ellie.

13120895_10153679198171298_1138139241_o (2)

Then it was hugs with both the girls.


Then it was Hannah’s turn.


It was a huggy kind of day.




5 thoughts on “Day 43 – 33 weeks

  1. I love how Hannah is looking at Ellie in the photo. I’m glad you are getting special twin hugs Deb, even if only for a short time I’m sure before you know it these times will become longer and longer! Prayers and healing energy sent your way for continued strength, good health and growth of your beautiful girls 🙏


      • Yes, it did look a bit “what the heck?” – it’ll be a photo worthy of a caption when you are putting together an album one day – you know, when the four children are all settled and playing happily with each other, dinner is roasting in the oven, you’ve put the finishing touches on your PhD thesis and there’s nothing else to do, so why not get back to putting that photo album together?

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