Day 45

Family time! Our first photo with the six of us together.

1st Family photo 30042016

In medical news, Hannah’s feeds increased as her weight stayed the same last night. Ellie is doing quite well, they are happy with how she is going on the NAVA and haven’t made any changes with her. I just rang and they are both happy and restful.



4 thoughts on “Day 45

  1. Now there’s a photo we’ve all been wanting to see – forget the Brady Bunch – it’s the Happy Handsome Humphreys – beautiful!
    I have a technical question: is skin on fur as comforting to newborns as skin on skin?
    Sorry, Matt – couldn’t resist x


  2. Hi Deb

    I read about your beautiful little girls on Facebook. My niece in Melbourne has been through a similar journey – her miracle identical twin girls Lyla and Madison were born at 28 weeks in January. They went home just before Easter.

    I will read more your girls on the blog but wanted you and your family to know you are in my prayers.

    Judy Macdonald xx


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