Day 46

We have been spoilt with twin hugs recently! Matt and I are loving them. I asked the nurses if they will be coming home with me and the girls today, they said it may not be possible….. they are amazing, it will be strange without them being around when its time to go home.

Medically the girls are looking good. Ellie’s NAVA level has been reduced again today, she is currently on 0.6 and 0 is equivalent to the bubble CPAP Hannah has previously been on.

Hannah did a big poo without ANY help last night! We are very excited about this, she has always had some trouble with her digestive tract (largely due to the fact she still shouldn’t be eating or pooing). They are considering a scan after she has ingested a contrast just to double check everything is working as it should, once again they are not too worried just being overly cautious.

It is looking like Hannah will probably have to go to level 2 this week, she has been on the ‘if another baby comes in, she has to move’ list for two days now. I was told they are doing all they can to keep the girls together, but they are getting quite full at the moment.




Hannah (again)

One thought on “Day 46

  1. Dear Deb and Matt
    When I saw your family photo yesterday the first thought I had was how much joy you are bringing to the hospital. You are an inspiration! Love Fay and Dave

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