Today was a mix of good news and difficulty.

Hannah is doing so well that when an emergency delivery meant a new baby was coming into the already overcrowded level 3 that she was  taken out to make room.

I sheepishly followed the nurse who wheeled her cot out of the one place where she had been watched over for the last 46 days of her existence and into a spot in Level 2. Level 2 is very different, there are not nurses standing over individual babies but rather several nurses patrolling the ward. There are many casual nurses in Level 2 and the high turnover means we won’t be greeted by the familiar faces that we came to know in Level 3.

The biggest difficulty is going to be visiting both our girls in two separate sections.

Ellie is a long way behind her sister but is still making steady, but slow progress. She has lost a little weight so they will be increasing her milk and possibly adding a supplement soon.

Hannah still has a big tummy and hopefully it still gets monitored closely in level 2. They also mentioned she might be trialed to start sucking on a bottle soon.



2 thoughts on “Day47

  1. Hopefully this will only be a short separation for the girls. Hope you manage the challenge of being in two places at once. They have both made such fantastic progress – am sure Ellie is trying as hard as she can to “catch up” to her bigger, not big sister. Love to all x


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