Day 48

My first day as a level 2 and 3 Mum.

Ellie is going to get some oil added to her diet, twice today and if she tolerates it, three times a day from tomorrow. Due to some miscommunication Ellie ended up having 3 or 4 formula feeds yesterday, not ideal but not a problem. However becaue she was able to tolerate it, they are considering putting the powder of a prescription formula into her breast milk to add more calories and even more nutrients (clever doctors). They will review this idea after the next weigh-in.

Hannah seems happy enough in level 2 (even if her Mum struggled a little). The good news is I can just go and pick my baby up and sit down and hug her whenever I want. I picked her up out of her bed for the first time today, it was really nice. The surgeons are wanting to do some minor investigating into Hannah’s digestive tract to rule out some things, they want to ensure she is unable to poo without intervention purely because she is a premmie. We will find out more about this tomorrow.

Wednesday is also weigh-in day, so lets hope they get some good numbers (feels a little like a reality show).

13129060_10153689804671298_1839832601_o (1)

Twin hugs again


Hannah just chilling with Mum












I couldn’t leave til she fell asleep today.


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