Day 49

Wow, what a day.

It’s Wednesday today, so it was a Levi and Mummy day. It also happens to be the day the consultants do a round together, my second day with the girls separated, the day channel 9 came, a newspaper article was released online and Hannah had a small procedure.

Levi and I had a nice long 9 1/2hr day together, he was exhausted but incredibly well behaved.

The consultants (or most of them) do a round together to discuss each baby and bounce ideas off each other, there was a lot less debating than there has been in the past, especially in regards to Ellie. I see this as a good thing.

I am adjusting to the girls being separated and even got to wheel Hannah around to Ellie’s bed for a little while today. I did spend more time with Hannah today and found it a little hard because in the past, even if I spent more time with one I could still see the other.

The Royal Hospital for Women Foundation organised a story with channel nine to make people aware of the NAVA machines (and to try and get money for more), that took a little longer than the few minutes they showed on the news tonight. Levi, the girls and I managed to get on because Ellie is still on NAVA and has been for a while now.

Also today (we are quite excited) an article about us in this Sunday’s Catholic Weekly was released on their website and on their Facebook page today. Lots of great photos to be seen, as well as a fantastic story (if I do say so myself). Hard copies will be available this weekend.

Medical Update

Ellie gained about 60 grams and is now 1128 grams, just 17 grams off her sisters birth weight. Hannah is now 2260 grams, which makes her just over twice Ellie’s weight.

Ellie is doing quite well, they may try to add a few more calories to her diet during the week. She is currently drinking 180ml of milk, per kilo, per day, plus oil three times a day. So that is equivalent to a 60kg person consuming 10.8 litres of milk, plus 60mls of oil three times a day. There is no wonder their little tummies get big. There is also some talk of trying Ellie on CPAP soon.

Hannah is doing really well, except for her inability to poo on her own more often than not. They had to do a wash-out and then a bowel biopsy today, during this they removed three small samples. This was to ensure her nerves have grown all the way to the end of her bowel. She had this procedure with only a dose of panadol, some sugar on her tongue and me holding her hand. She was incredibly brave and was rewarded with me refusing to let her go for about an hour afterwards. The results will come back in about two days, the doctors and surgeons are fairly sure they will come back negative but feel it is essential to rule this out.

So needless to say I am hoping for a quiet day tomorrow and some much needed twin hugs.




4 thoughts on “Day 49

  1. It was very exciting watching you on Channel 9 news last night. I recorded the story and watched it several times over! As always, I’m extremely impressed by your “multi-tasking” skills, with everything that is going on. Today is day 50, which is quite a milestone for you all – I hope it’s a quiet, positive day full of nothing but good news and lots of those heartwarming hugs xo


  2. Wonderful news debs! Glad both girls are doing well. Enjoy feeding Hannah! What a great moment that will be for both of you! Loving your daily updates. Xx


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