Day 50

Ellie went on to bubble CPAP today! Her oxygen level needed to go up to about 24% (air is about 21%) but otherwise she is looking pretty good at this stage. She is also coping with the oil they are giving her and her digestive system is dealing well with the amount of milk she is on so they are going to start adding additional protein calories to the breast milk she is getting. Hopefully we will be seeing some big gains over the next couple of weeks.

Hannah visited her sister in level 3 today and got to enjoy some twin hugs, although Ellie was being a little bossy with her.


More Hannah news is that they will let me try and give her a bottle tomorrow!!!!!!!! I am so super excited. They will only allow 5-10mls of formula in the bottle so she doesn’t overload herself. I don’t think I have been so excited to feed one of my kids before, even with the ‘she probably won’t eat it anyway’ chance being so high. Yay!

For those that missed it last night, here is a link to the news story on the NAVA machine the girls have both been on in the past (it’s been 6 hrs for Ellie now, so it can be the past).

Also any of those who missed the Catholic Weekly article, written by the amazing Sharyn McCowen it can be read here:



2 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. Back on day 40, I commented on hoping for an even better “state of the nation report” on day 50 and you’ve given us just that. Ellie on CPAP, Hannah having her first bottle from Mummy tomorrow – yaaaaaaaaay!
    As for “she probably won’t eat it anyway”- do you think that you’ve all managed to defy more than a few predictions thus far, hmmmm? Hannah will probably slurp it down and finish with a hearty burp!! xo


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