Day 51

Hannah had a bottle! She drank all 10mls she was offered, then sucked on the empty bottle, burped and did a little vomit (not all she had drunk). It was a very exciting and a  very normal baby moment. Hannah also gained 30 grams today.


Ellie gained 19 grams today! They are weighed 3 times a week – Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. She was looking quite big today. She is doing quite well, however due to her big tummy (feel like I’ve heard that before) they weren’t able to add the extra calories they were hoping too. This afternoon Ellie’s oxygen was turned down to 22%, the lowest it can be without actually being air. What a big change in 3 weeks when I was worried she wouldn’t last on the NAVA and would have to be re-intubated.

This is Hannah and Ellie at about the same weights and without snorkels. Can you guess who is who???





5 thoughts on “Day 51

  1. Gee, I hate to skite about my prediction about Hannah taking a bottle, but I will! Right down to the burp – go Hannah!!
    Thrilled to hear all your happy news from today.
    I’ll go with Ellie on the right
    Hugs to you all xo


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