Day 52

It was Daddy’s turn to visit the girls again today and after an awkward moment of not knowing which baby was mine everything went very smoothly. (Hannah had moved spots since my last visit and premmie bubs do all look quite similar. And as I am a new face in Level 2 I got some strange looks as I suspiciously went from cot to cot peering in).

Ellie was the most settled she has ever been and I got 2 hours of hugs with her. They are still trying to fatten her up and she is starting to complain every feed by losing oxygen. (she learnt this trick from her sister).

Hannah is also doing great and we are still awaiting the result of the biopsy. I got to hold her for an hour as well in which we both struggled to stay awake. I was told the doctors were quite happy with her progress as well.

I did tell both the girls to be good for there mum for mothers day tomorrow….this will be their first opportunity to be either obedient or rebellious children….


Ellie all snug after hugs with Daddy.



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