Day 53

Medical Update

The pressure on Ellie’s CPAP machine has been turned down lower, this is a good thing. They may try to get her onto high flow this week at some stage. They are pushing Ellie’s breathing because she is older now and they can. Also she is getting quite a big belly and they believe the constant air being forced into them contributes to this, never mind the enormous amount of food she is consuming. By all accounts Ellie is doing really well, they are expecting a good result from her weigh-in overnight tonight. I’m anticipating a big number after one day not seeing her she looks heaps bigger.

Hannah is progressing well. They are increasing her to two 10ml bottles each day, she has managed the one bottle for 3 days now. They are trying to increase her nutrient and calorie intake so they will start making her formula more concentrated. Hannah also had her caffeine stopped today, it will take about 4 days to leaver her system and then we can see if she remembers to breathe all on her own.

Mother’s Day

Firstly, Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums, grandmas, Aunties and those women that support Mums and help us all get done what we need too, it is a day for all of us xx

I spent my Mother’s Day morning with the girls and was very happy to discover a beautiful gift from them. Miranda Kerr (the Hospital Foundation’s new ambassador) also donated a body lotion for each Mum.

13170688_10153700316201298_858087373_o (1)

Ellie was even nice enough to pull her feeding tube out for her photo.


It’s hard to see (because of the quality on here), but the girls are starting to look quite similar.



Ellie looking much bigger than she did on Friday (maybe it is the new hat).

The Hannah show


2 thoughts on “Day 53

  1. Happy Mother’s Day (belated) to Supermum Deborah Jane – hope you had a wonderful day – love the gifts the girls gave you. Did the boys manage a breakfast in bed for Mummy? I used to cherish my soggy toast and sloppy scrambled eggs, always with a flower from the garden – precious! Uncle Doug did bring me coffee in bed yesterday – much appreciated.
    The photos you posted of the girls are gorgeous – I’m loving all the good news of their progress – keep it coming! xo


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